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Sports Ambassadors

Our sports ambassadors this academic year are:

Corbin Fray

Aimee Rachel

Ashley Hill

Brett-Lewis Norman

The team received their training on Friday 21st September and are now fully qualified to lead our lunchtime activities.



Earlier in the term, the four appointed Sporting Ambassadors from Class 7: Corbin Fray, Aimee Rachel, Brett Norman and Ashley Hill, travelled to Green Towers for their training. It was a tiring day, but one that was filled with energy and excitement and the children came back with lots of ideas of how to develop the sporting activities back at school. They are currently working on a plan of activities for different days of the week at lunchtimes and have also a small budget to spend on outdoor equipment thanks to a local charity. The children are keen to get started and will keep you updated with purchases and the sporting developments at St Simon and St Jude.