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English Curriculum



The school follows the Sounds Write programme for the teaching of phonics. Children in EYFS have a 30 minute discreet lesson each morning in school. In Year 1 and 2 children follow RWI through the programme till they have reached Literacy Language strand. The RWI programme is taught for 30 minutes daily.



TFW (Talk for Writing) is taught across Year 1 to Year 6 for at least 45  minutes per day, the cycle consists of a “cold task”, teaching of specific skills, text types and then a final independent task called a “hot write”. Children will build up their skills during a block of work which could last 2/3 weeks; in some cases as children move into Year 5 and Year 6 the block may last for 4 weeks to develop higher level skills.

Children in EYFS have chance to access TFW as part of their continuous provision.

Each class will engage with a book for a term or half a term- parents will be given advance notice of the book/s their children will be studying. We encourage parents to buy copies of the books for their children to read at home.


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation is taught as discreet lessons weekly in Year 1 upwards and through TFW. In EYFS spelling, punctuation and grammar are taught as part of RWI. Year 2 to Year 6 use 'No Nonsense' spelling.



From EYFS upwards, we follow the continuous cursive scheme of handwriting, where children are expected to "start from the line every time". They are expected to join as soon as they can form letters correctly. Please see sample on the website.


 Pre-Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet



In school reading is taught as a whole class, the texts come from a range of genres and could be related to the Cornerstones theme the children are studying. Children also have a chance through whole class reading to study poetry and non-fiction. Whole class reading happens at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. The school spends 2 weeks teaching the skills of reading and applying them through the use of our aliens- see English policy for more details. A further week is spent on application of these skills through using the "Cracking Comprehension" scheme which allows children to refine their comprehension skills.

All children have story time during the course of the week.

It is expected that all children will read at home at least 5 times a week, which should be recorded in the reading record. Staff are available to discuss reading at home and support parents at “ drop in sessions” which happen half termly.