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Geography is taught every alternate half term. The curriculum has been designed to encourage our children to be curious and fascinated by the world around them. We aim to develop a good understanding of the diversity of people and places at home and across the globe, in particular, environmental relationships and issues. The global learning element of the curriculum includes opportunities for our children to reflect on the impact humans have on a global scale and what we can do to change it.

The Geography curriculum gives our children the opportunity to study the physical and human features of regions locally, UK and world locations in comparison to their own location. They are taught geographical enquiry skills which include map reading, interpreting sources, photographs and diagrams. With a combination of these skills, the children will have the ability to analyse and communicate their findings, using subject specific vocabulary. The children are encouraged to use technology to bring the world into the classroom. This is achieved by means of film, artefacts, electronic mapping (Didgimaps) and Google Earth.