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PSALM 25:4
"Show me your way, LORD. Teach me your path"

Enabling children to flourish and succeed


The SSSJ music curriculum is a sequenced learning progression of skills and knowledge which focuses on a range of important composers and their music.

Music is broken down into 9 aspects: Singing, Playing and performing using instruments, Listening and appraising, Composing and Creating, Recording music / Notation and History of music. Each of these aspects is linked directly to the National curriculum for Key stage one and Key Stage two and to Development Matters for Early Years.


Each half termly unit of work has a focus composer and piece of music. There is a Knowledge organiser which outlines all the key knowledge and vocabulary that the pupils will learn, including information about the composer and the piece of music.

Each composer and piece of music is revisited at least 4 times across the year groups to provide opportunities to revisit and build on prior learning.