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The History curriculum at St Simon and St Jude is planned in three blocks:


  • Local History, - where children learn about themselves, the school, the local; church and our village, as well as the wider local area of Leicester and Leicestershire
  • The History of Britain – where children study a different point in the history of Britain. This ranges from Norman Britain and the battle of Hastings, through Victorian Britain, the World wars up to events that have shaped modern Britain.
  • The History of Ancient Civilisations – where children learn about history around the world. This includes Roman and Ancient Greece as well as Ancient Egypt.


Underpinning all these areas are questions about the lives of the people being studied, the changes that these societies have been through and the impact the changes have had, as well as the relationships between people, societies and events.


Our aim is for children to develop a strong sense of chronology, a good understanding of the language of History as well as an understanding of the cause of events and the effect events can have and the changes that happen because of them.