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The Curriculum at St Simon and St Jude

All children in every year group are entitled to be taught a broad, balanced and interesting curriculum that is matched to their needs, taking into account their previous learning and attainment. At St Simon and St Jude C of E Primary School we believe the best way to achieve this is to teach the children through a themed curriculum. Each class has their own themes that are planned across the year to ensure coverage of the Primary National School Curriculum.


From EYFS upwards, the school links with Cornerstones thematic approach to teaching History, Geography, Science, Art and DT.  The table below shows the curriculum overview for each year group.

Each class has an overview and theme plan on their individual pages should you wish to find out any further information.






Pre-School Do dragons exist? What happens when I fall asleep? How many colours are in a rainbow? Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast? Can I have a dog? Can we explore it?


Do you want to be friends?

What happens when I fall asleep?

Will you read me a story?

Why are carrots orange?

Do cows drink milk?

Are we there yet?


Superheroes- PE and science

Dinosaur Planet- History

Memory box- History

Enchanted woodland- science

Paws/Claws and whiskers DT and Art

Bright lights- Big city- geography




Beat band boogie- music

Towers, tunnels and turrets- D & T- history

The scented garden- Science

Land Ahoy- Geography

Muck, mess and mixtures

Art and Design



Scrumdidlyumptious - DT


Mighty Metals – science

Heroes and villains – music


Tribal tales- history

Gods and mortals-history


Predators- science




Burps, bottoms and bile– science

Potions- Science

Road Trip USA - Geography

Tremors - Geography


Traders and Raiders – history


Blue Abyss – art and design



The human body – Blood Heart , Darwin’s Delight and ID – science


Victorians – Revolution – history


Materials Scream Machine and Alchemy Island – Science and Music


The 1960’s - history

Allotment- geography

Time traveller and Tomorrows World – art and DT and computing




A Child’s War- history

To infinity and beyond – Stargazers – science


Peasants, princes and pestilence – history

The frozen kingdom- geography

Beast Creator – science

Gallery Rebels – art and DT


We use the National Curriculum as our guide to the content of the curriculum. We teach all National Curriculum statutory subjects – English (including phonics), Maths, Science, ICT, History, Geography, Art, Design Technology, PE and Music, Modern Foreign Languages (French) + Religious Education. In addition we teach Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) throughout the school. We match the foundation subjects to our themes, some subjects are taught discreetly. Religious Education is taught in weekly blocks throughout the year so the children can develop a deeper understanding of faith and spirituality.

We strive for excellence at all times, aiming to inspire and motivate all children through the way in which we teach.

If you would like any further information about the curriculum at St Simon and St Jude please do not hesitate to contact the school office